4th November 2014

A Chilly Day Out

Have you ever noticed that when you’ve lived in an area a long time you can become stuck in a rut of going to the same places over and over again?

One of the things I love most about the home education group we attend is that it moves location from week to week giving us an amazing opportunity to explore the local area and go to places we probably would never have thought of going to.

Yesterday we met up with a lovely group of parents and children at Bramcote Hills Park near Nottingham. I had no idea this park even existed let alone that it was one simple bus ride away from where we are currently staying. We started off with a wander through the surrounding woods. Nibsy found logs to balance on..


trees to climb…


…and sticks to take home with him. Growing on a tree half way up the hill we discovered this…


I’m not sure what on earth this is so if anyone could enlighten us that would be absolutely fabulous.

Walking through the woods on a crisp Autumn day is simply one of the best ways to spend time. Nibsy quickly learned the innocent joy in kicking up the dried leaves and the even bigger joy of having leaf fights with the other children.


After our walk we gathered at the play area for a picnic and several hours scaling frighteningly high (to mummy at least) play frames. Can you spy Nibsy…he’s right at the top in the red jacket. I can’t believe how much his confidence in his abilities has improved in the last 12 months. A year ago he wouldn’t have dreamed of setting foot on there, let alone climbing all the way to the top but on this day he scaled that structure like a monkey. I will admit I bit my lip pretty hard to keep from repeatedly reminding him to be careful. He is a very cautious child anyway and I don’t want my nerves to stop him from exploring and finding out what he is capable of.


We were really lucky with the weather, clear skies and sunshine but ooooh it was chilly. Winter is coming.